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Take off your clothes and stay awile

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Clothes Free
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We are virtual nudists!

Clothing un-necessary as we believe the human body is beautiful, not dirty or shameful.

This community a information resource for any LJ user who is, wants to be or is just curious about Nudism/Naturism.

While images of our members enjoying life while nude is a great thing, alas, not everyone in the world agrees with us. Several members, the moderator read LJ at work and need to keep at least their top level friends list "work safe."

This is mostly a personal rule for the moderator. Other members, are strongly encourage to use filters to keep non-work safe journals from appearing at work. However, the moderator must keep an eye on the community, even when at work.

Please use the LJ-CUT feature when posting images that contain nudity.

While images of Nudist and Naturists activities are allowed, no sexual images will be allowed to be posted in the nudists community. Any post featuring an image of sexual content, either in a picture, usericon or containing a link to a sexual content site or a community featuring sexual content, will be deleted without warning.

No advertising of other communities. There are other communities devoted to advertising, use them instead.

Any post or comment to be deleted, will have comment made by the modorator explaining why the post or comment was deleted. If you do not have "email comments" enabled, then you will recieve no notification.

Thanks for your cooperation.

A little bit about the Community Maintainer:

John O'Halloran - johno - JohnO@TyeDye.Org

"I have been a Nudist/Naturist (pick your favorite term) for over 20 years. Joining The Naturist Society in early 1984 and visiting my first nude beach (Maslins in South Australia) in 1986.

"I am a member of The Naturist Society, American Association of Nude Recreation, Lupin Naturist Club and Bay Area Naturists, with 4 ID cards to prove it (B.A.N. doesn't issue cards, but I'm also a member of the Lupin Camera Club.)

I subscribe to Nude & Natural, The Bulletin, Travel Naturally and Australian Sun & Health magazines, several newsletters, and several Naturist & Nudist mailing lists & web sites. If I can't answer a question, I can probably point you to where you can find the information.

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