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Friday, May 24th, 2013
2:11 am

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
12:06 am
New Nude
Hi fellow nudists journalists,

My name is Nick and I'm new to LJ's nudists community but not to public/social nudism. I'm a 30-year-old public school teacher living in Richmond, Virginia. I started here at LJ earlier this month and joined this group several days later. Learning the navigation ropes on this site and writing in my own journal have kept me busy and I'm just now finding the time to compose this brief introduction to all of you. I've lived in Virginia all my life and attended in-state universities for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

My state has no public clothing-optional or nudist beaches, so my partner and I frequently travel to either Gunnison Beach in New Jersey and/or Haulover Beach in Florida for our nakations. Due to the damage Gunnison sustained during Hurricane Sandy this past fall, that may not be an option for us in 2013. Fortunately, we have the acquaintance of another local gay couple who own some riverfront property here in Virginia. It looks as though we'll have to enjoy their hospitality more so than normal this upcoming summer to satisfy our aquanude needs.

I'm excited to be a part of nudists community and to sharing ideas, opinions and thoughts with all of you. I'm a very friendly and honest man so please feel free to communicate with me at any time. 

Thanks for reading my greetings and introduction.

Naked hugs,

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Saturday, January 19th, 2013
2:41 am

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Saturday, January 12th, 2013
1:19 am
I'm New, Too!
Happy weekend to the nudists community,

My name is Roger Poladopoulos and I, too, am new to this group here at lj. I joined both lj and this organization only yesterday. My age is 36 years and I reside in Arlington, Virginia, with a full view of both Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon, and a five minute drive into downtown Washington, DC. As my username implies, I've a bald (shaved) head, I'm Deaf and I'm gay. I'm currently a professional genealogist  after teaching for six years in secondary schools.

I have an identical twin brother and we spent our toddler years taking off our clothes as fast as our parents and older brothers could put them on us. We both are practicing nudists to this day. It goes without being said that there were some very interesting moments in our household as the family had to adapt to two nude-wannabes under one roof. One of the advantages of growing up with these experieces is that the entire family already knows about my/our preference for nudity. There's nothing left to hide (figuratively or literally).

For those who maybe interested, additional information is contained in my lj profile. I'm excited about being a part of the nudists community here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Current Mood: excited

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Thursday, January 10th, 2013
6:48 am
Hey, I Just Joined
Hello to all nudists folks,

I just joined your group this morning and wanted to say "hi" to everyone. My name is Keith and my username is barecave. I'm a black gay nudist and I'm in the Tampa Bay area of the Sunshine State (Florida). I'm a 32 year old professional with an undergraduate degree in communications. I've been a naturist/nudist now for almost 12 years. I started when I was a junior in college. When I lived in Washington, DC, I was a member of a group named ReNude Pride, a gay mens club. I've gone to some events hosted by a local group in Tampa since I moved here two years ago but I haven't "officially" joined them yet.

More personal data is located in my profile on lj. I wanted to let all of you know that I'm here and looking forward to being a part of nudists.

Keith, the kid from the barecave

Current Mood: awake

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
2:56 am

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
10:55 pm

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Thursday, August 26th, 2010
9:05 am
Decent Exposure
There comes a time when circumstances call out for one to stand up for what one believes in. How far one is willing to go to support one’s beliefs then becomes the question. I believe that our bodies are beautiful blessings, gifts which should be celebrated, not hidden under compulsory coverings. Society’s conceptions of our human bodies as indecent objects which must be kept from public view is one of the most extreme forms of self-hatred I can imagine. This belief that our bodies are indecent has allowed us to be controlled and manipulated by those very societal institutions which impose it, the church and the state. It has served not only to separate us from nature but to elevate us over nature, thereby giving us the seemingly unlimited ability to control, modify, and destroy nature for our own ends. This insistence on our indecency keeps our true selves diverted into production, consumption, and conformity. Mandatory clothing forces us into social stratification, becoming a symbol for our power or the lack thereof. We become naked heads talking above hidden bodies, having the effect of enlarging in our imaginations that which is hidden. We then have sold back to us an airbrushed, gym-toned, surgically enhanced view of our bodies which for most of us is unattainable, all because we are forbidden to see the natural beauty inherent in each and everyone of us. In challenging and rejecting these beliefs we challenge and threaten those very institutions which imprison us, just as our clothing imprisons our bodies.

Freedom of expression and freedom from censorship are intimately entwined with that freedom that we who call ourselves Americans seem to cherish most, freedom of speech. George Davis, who stood for San Francisco mayor against incumbent Gavin Newsom in 2007 is now running for the district six supervisor position in San Francisco with a platform which includes freedom of expression and freedom from censorship. George Davis has a history of nudist activism dating back to 2004 when he began practicing naked yoga at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Now George is incorporating public nudity into his political campaigning to demonstrate those freedoms which he is campaigning for. I was privileged to be able to accompany George Davis on one of his campaign walks through San Francisco’s premier shopping district, Union Square on Wednesday, August 18. After an hour of campaigning, we were approached by a San Francisco police officer who told us to cover up, as there were “women and children” who could see us. He suggested that we should go do this “somewhere else.” When we refused to cover ourselves, as there is no law banning nudity in San Francisco, we were not being lewd, and George was campaigning for political office, the officer decided to have us cited and charged with indecent exposure. At that time, I and two others decided to cover, but George remained adamant. “I do not get dressed,” was all he said. So off George went, naked and in handcuffs, to jail. I and my two fellow campaigners were left behind with orders to appear in criminal court Monday, August 23 at 1:00 PM on charges of indecent exposure.

The day of our court appearance I admit feeling a little apprehensive, even though I knew what I was doing was not indecent. I also knew that of the many citations issued in the past for indecent exposure regarding simple public nudity in San Francisco none have ever been prosecuted, but this was my first time. Arriving at the court we found the doors still locked for lunch. At 1:00 a sheriff appeared to inform us that even though our citations said to appear at 1:00, the court did not actually open until 1:30 and we were to form a line along the side of the building. About five minutes later the same sheriff re-appeared, called my name and the names of my nudist companions, and said the judge asked him to tell us the district attorney was not prosecuting our cases, all charges were dropped, and we were free to go.

George Davis and I proceeded back to the Castro Commons area at Castro, 17th, and Market streets were we removed our clothing, found some chairs to sit on, and George proceeded to place some phone calls to police officials to try to gain assurances that this sort of harassment would not happen again. George discovered a new police directive had been issued the Friday before our court appearance directing officers that when they are issuing citations for indecent exposure there must be lewd conduct involved. The California courts have ruled that simple public nudity does not constitute lewd behavior. It would seem we have made some progress.

Many nudists or naturists feel that by being confrontational we do more harm then good to the nudist cause. They would encourage us to work for areas set aside for nude recreation, such as free beaches. That is all well and good, and I certainly support that. I believe, however, that nudist space must be made accessible to everyone. If we as nudists and naturists truly believe that our bodies are not immoral or indecent, then what could be more right than having nudist space everywhere? Only then will we be able to confront and challenge those beliefs that imprison us and by doing so openly and publicly, we can challenge our fellow citizens to question their own assumptions, beliefs, and prisons.

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
10:23 am
Naked Sponsored Walk
This past weekend I took part in a naked sponsored walk through the Galloway Forest in South West Scotland raising money for Countryside and Ancient Ways Legacy (a Pagan organisation aiming to buy a piece of land to use for Pagan camps promoting traditional country crafts and beliefs as well as using the land as a nature reserve).

The weather first thing Sunday morning was horrendous. Thankfully by 9 o'clock it had finished raining, but the clouds were low and ready with much more wet weather.

The rain had helped to keep the temperature up slightly, but only just.

We set off driving into the Galloway Forest. The deeper into the forest we went the lower the cloud and mist came.

The view from the car as we drove into the forest.

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Sunday, May 16th, 2010
4:12 pm
Bay to Breakers TV coverage...
In the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a an annual race named Bay to Breakers (http://www.ingbaytobreakers.com/) where runners of all levels run from the foot of the Bay Bridge, which crossed the SF Bay, to the Ocean. It's only around 7.5 miles, but it attracts world class runners.

San Francisco being San Francisco, in additon to the basic run or walk the race, there are folks in costumes, groups called cenipeds (must stay linked), floats (runner must push, no self mobile or peddle power allowed) and of course Nude folks. Many of the Nude folks have organized themselves as the Bare to Breakers (http://baretobreakers.com/)

The race receives extensive local coverage and one of the local stations shows it live.

Aside from the usual cheesy coverage a local station gives any event, they spend lots of time denying that there nude racers.

OK, I GET IT, they are afraid of getting fined for showing simple non-sexual nudity on TV. I don't agree, but I understand. What I don't understand is why they deny it exists in the race.

Even when you see it on the TV screen. Topless, bare buts, even fully nude folks sometimes make it on screen, and you often see the yellow Bare2Breakers caps in the crowd

The commentators often stating, "very few nude racers were seen" or "almost no nude runners", and today 5 minutes after a clearly nude women ran right past a camera "no nude racers seen yet."

Newspaper coverage includes mentioning the nude runners, web coverage shows lots of pics, and of course our fellow Nudists and Naturist post when they participate.

So I know it's not a handle, or a few, it's DOZENS or HUNDREDS of nude runner.

KTVU you don't have to show them, you don't even have to mention them, but would you stop claiming they don't exist.

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Sunday, August 9th, 2009
5:18 pm
Civic Nudity
A group of fellow nudists have regularly been exercising their right to practice civic nudity here in San Francisco where I live. On occasion I have joined them. In San Francisco there is no law regulating what one must wear in public, which means we then come under the purview of state law. According to the California Penal Code, Section 314: Every person who willfully and lewdly, either: Exposes his person, or the private parts thereof, in any public place, or in any place where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed thereby ... is guilty of a misdemeanor. However, in 1972 nude beachgoer Chad Merrill, irate at the prospect of having to pay a $100 fine and register as a sex offender for sunning himself on a remote stretch of sand, took his case all the way to the California Supreme Court. In Smith on Habeas Corpus that august entity eventually very generously declared that there was nothing inherently lewd, or even particularly sexual, about just having no clothes on. Despite the beach-centric nature of that case, redoubtable Berkeley lawyer Bill Simpich – who has done pro bono defense work for Debbie Moore and Marty Kent of Berkeley activist theater troupe the X-plicit Players – says that Section 314 plus the 1972 ruling make it possible to scamper around California like a little naked pixie, scattering naked dust hither and yon.

This does not mean that you will not be stopped, harassed, and arrested by over zealous police officers who either do not understand the law or insist on taking an activist interpretation of the law. In recent memory every case of arrest has been dismissed by the SF D. A.'s office. So we continually push to exercise our freedoms which can be an interesting study in sociology,

Today, for instance, as I was leaving work some of my nudists buddies were sunning in the pedestrian mall at Seventeenth and Castro Streets. It being a very warm day, I decided the only logical thing to do would be to join them. Soon, and older self-identified gay neighborhood resident came over to inform us that we were "disgusting, idiotic, and why didn't we put some god-damn clothes on." He then ran away. We continued to sun ourselves and people continued to walk by, some looking at us, some not. About ten minutes later he reappeared to repeat his tirade. It was clear to us that he was visibly shaken and very, very angry. I find it amazing that the site of a naked human body can generate such hostility and anger in someone. Obviously we were not threatening him, nor were we causing him any harm. His reaction must be one whose genesis is socially learned; a conditioned reflect which he accepts as natural without giving anymore thought to its origins or logic. It is similar to a reaction of prejudice or hatred towards someone because of the color of their skin, their sex, their gender, or their sexual preference; in other words, a learned behavior which serves no useful purpose what so ever.

Eventually he reappeared for a third time, so angry this time that he was spitting. Two younger men walking by told him to "just leave them alone, they aren't hurting anyone." The man continued his rant. We invited him to come sit with us a talk about it, but he refused, saying that he didn't care. Obviously, he cared very much.

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Monday, February 16th, 2009
11:19 am
Single nude in Florida
Hi...I'm George, I'm 39 (turning the big 4-0 in a couple of months), divorced and live in Tampa, FL. I sleep and lounge around the house nude, although haven't been to any nude resorts or nude beaches in the area. I was wondering if there are any single nudists in the Tampa area and what your experiences have been.

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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
1:05 am
Georgia indecency laws
I've been doing some research into Georgia's laws covering nudity and nudism. So far, all I've come up with is Section 16-6-8 (here).

(a) A person commits the offense of public indecency when he or she performs any of the following acts in a public place:
(1) An act of sexual intercourse;
(2) A lewd exposure of the sexual organs;
(3) A lewd appearance in a state of partial or complete nudity; or
(4) A lewd caress or indecent fondling of the body of another person.
(b) A person convicted of the offense of public indecency as provided in subsection (a) of this Code section shall be punished as for a misdemeanor except as provided in subsection (c) of this Code section.
(c) Upon a third or subsequent conviction for public indecency for the violation of paragraph (2), (3), or (4) of subsection (a) of this Code section, a person shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.
(d) For the purposes of this Code section only, 'public place' shall include jails and penal and correctional institutions of the state and its political subdivisions.
(e) This Code section shall be cumulative to and shall not prohibit the enactment of any other general and local laws, rules, and regulations of state and local authorities or agencies and local ordinances prohibiting such activities which are more restrictive than this Code section.

This seems to preclude *any* public nudity anywhere but in your home or other private property. I'm also trying to find laws regarding family nudism in the home or at a private resort.

Anyone have any links or statutes you can point me to?


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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
4:25 pm
Nude Year
I have declared my New Years party this year to be a clothing optional event. Let's ring in the new year in the way we want to spend the new year.

Anyone else doing a nudist new year's party?

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
8:17 pm
Has anybode travelled to Cap d'Agde, France and can share some information/answer to some questions?

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Friday, September 12th, 2008
6:23 pm
Nudist Icon Diane Webber Has Died
Found on the Nudiarist Blog this morning.

I collect old Naturist and Nudist Magazines, she is one of my favorite models from the 60s.

Click for photo and detailsCollapse )

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
7:14 pm
Has anybody any information about nude skiing resorts in the Europe?

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
1:07 pm
Quick question
I'm looking for a hosting service which doesn't have a problem with nude images.

Has anyone here used http://www.weblogimages.com/ ?

Do you recommend them?

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
12:11 pm
From George Davis.
Open letter from George Davis, writer/
”naked yoga guy”
Please distribute.
“First the sentence, then the trial.”
-- Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland.
“First the sentence, then no trial.”
-- Captain James Dudley,
San Francisco Police Department
– Central Station

The nudity taboo is a mass deception. Yes, I realize that the ultimate goal of a Free Body Culture to bring about more critical thinking and reason on the irrational mind/body relationship is a harder sell than it should be.
The Free Body Culture (a 102 year-old mainstream movement) has occurred in Europe and recently in London .
It’s time for it to happen here.
Besides my May 1 [ Mayu Day 2008]arrest by the SFPD,
I was again arrested on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at Fisherman’s Wharf.
I was taken to a cell at 850 Bryant as a punitive action for “booking” and about a 5 hour intake “processing.” The next day, [in court,] the case was once again immediately discharged by the DA.
This is a discretionary punitive sentence with no trial, because no jury of my San Francisco peers would ever convict.
On Sunday, May 11, I was out with a few friends again. It was too cold (with the wind) to continue for more than half an hour. After bundling-up, a police car pulled-up and the officers told us that they were under orders from Captain James Dudley to arrest me for nudity. To the best of their knowledge, there was no higher authority than Captain Dudley ordering the arrest. Since we were not undressed, they drove away.

The SFPD is more than aware that this nudity is for a political education campaign for the FKK Free Body Culture movement. The SFPD is more than aware that nudity is not a crime in California unless one is lewd or blocking traffic. Yet, they still bypass the will of the legal and court systems and continue to harass me. On the upside, many of the police in the field are figuring out what I am doing and are okay with it, but they have to follow their orders.

I can certainly prove that command orders for my harassment have come from Captain James Dudley, Central Station. Whether he is acting from a higher police command or on his own initiative has not been revealed to me. Can such a low level bureaucrat suppress a legitimate, historic, and non-violent political movement?
I hope the command staff of the SFPD, the OCC, City Attorney, and mayor’s office is investigating these allegations. I have nothing personally against Captain James Dudley, but he should be informed of the limitations of his power or removed from his position.

Yes, I know that I can spend a lot of time and effort to sue the SFPD and City of San Francisco for damages for false imprisonment, battery, harassment, and other tort actions and probably collect a decent sized judgment.
Believe it or not, there are manipulative people in the City of San Francisco, a Five Billion dollar/year corporation, that don’t mind losing a few hundred thousand dollars (pocket change) to suppress the ideas of a Free Body Culture movement.
Sincerely, suing the City is a waste of both of our times. It’s something I don’t want to pursue. I truly only want to continue the FKK Free Body Culture education campaign and distribute my books, Naked Yoga and Weapons of Mass Deception, unhindered.
My thinking is national and global in outlook.
My political/social/cultural interest is not in the petty backwater provincialism of certain sectors of some City of San Francisco political fiefdoms.
By the way, the right to be nude is your right also, whether-or-not you want to exercise it. Get rid of the nudity taboo and you have a better body consciousness and one less thing to worry about.
For what it’s worth, most of the tourists love the public nudity.
They haven’t seen it before. It gives them something to think and talk about. [...]
This activity is on a block with a neglected statue of St. Francis and derelicts lying on the sidewalk. The space is hundreds of feet from any commercial enterprises.
My specific plans are to show up at noon (weather and schedule permitting) and talk to people about the Free Body Culture movement.
In addition, as material for my next book, I plan to tell people stories about St. Francis and Benny Bufano, the sculptor of the St. Francis statue at the corner of Beach and Taylor. These are appealing stories.
St. Francis is the Buddha of Christianity. These include tales of his finding God while kissing a leper, going naked before his father and town of Assisi to announce his asceticism, and his evolving a unity with nature.
Benny Bufano also has his share of tales like slicing off his trigger finger and mailing it to Woodrow Wilson to share his opinion on the U.S. entry into World War I.
The methods that I am using to eliminate the nudity taboo are similar to those used by Vincent Bethell, who was also thrown in jail, to end the nudity taboo in London . The London campaign has largely been accomplished by his work plus an art campaign of placing anatomically correct statues of nude men and women in public spaces all over London .
The nudity taboo, besides being stupid, is easy to get rid of.
Shouldn’t San Francisco ’s cultural sophistication be equal to London ’s?

My next scheduled day at Fisherman’s Wharf is
May 15, 2008, noon,
corner of Taylor/Beach by the statue of St. Francis.

George Davis

(415) 722-2968


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Monday, March 31st, 2008
11:45 am
Naturist nudism (when nudeness doesn't mean sex)

I invite you to read a new translation of a Catalan article about nudeness.
I hope you like.

Naturist nudism (when nudeness doesn't mean sex)

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